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How Defi Technologies is Changing the Crypto Industry


Discover how DeFi Technologies (NEO: DEFI) is pioneering change in the crypto world in this deep dive. Starting with an introduction to DeFi Technologies, we explore the essence of Decentralized Finance, the company’s structure, and its divisions.

We’ll discuss the regulatory landscape, market opportunities, and Bitcoin’s role as digital gold. Learn about the trading dynamics of ETPs, SEBA Bank’s crypto license, and how giants like Fidelity and BlackRock impact the target market with pending ETF regulatory decisions from the SEC.

We delve into insider ownership, the role of Head of Capital Markets, and what catalysts lie ahead for DEFI. We wrap up with hearing from Russell Starr on what he feels are the compelling reasons to invest and the future outlook of DEFI.

Video Chapters

00:00 – Introduction and Background of Defi Technologies

04:48 – What is Decentralized Finance (DeFi)?

06:20 – Overview of Defi Technologies

08:42 – DEFI’s 3 Company Divisions

14:05 – Regulatory Environment and Market Opportunity

19:08 – Bitcoin as Digital Gold

25:07 – Trading and Liquidity of ETPs

27:57 – Amina Bank Cypto License

32:56 – Target Market and Impact of Fidelity and BlackRock

39:05 – Insider Ownership and Financing

40:58 – Role of Head of Capital Markets

43:16 – Catalysts and Future Plans

46:25 – Summary and Conclusion

46:43 – Reasons to Invest in DEFI

49:22 – Future Outlook and Potential of DEFI

Inlägget How Defi Technologies is Changing the Crypto Industry dök först upp på ETFmarknaden allt om ETF, börshandlade fonder och ETFer.

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